Deal Rescue
For Resurrecting A Failing Deal

Is your deal stuck and going down the drain? You feel that you’ve tried everything yet now those months or years of work and tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars invested are about to be lost forever?

Deals go south–fail–for many, many reasons. Acceptable financing can’t be found. Seller or Buyer have a change of mind. One deal term or a dozen can’t be bridged. A Seller’s business conditions change for the better or for the worse. Too much time elapses and certain other conditions change.

So it happens, deals fail, frequently without fault on anyone’s side. Such deal failures can be for the best for one or both parties. Sometimes, without recognition at the time, deal failures can be the worst for both parties.

And yet, some deals, failed or failing,  can be rescued before they plunge into time’s abyss.
So if you (whether a buyer, seller, or intermediary) have a deal that is on the cusp of failing—or may have failed–and you feel it might be worth a modest investment to see if fresh eyes and experienced hands can rescue or resurrect it, it may be worth your call.

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Time: our enemy, our friend.