Pre-Deal Coaching

What’s the value to you of having, instead of a narrow bandwidth partner or senior associate at a large firm used to whose expertise may be in subject matter silos, a Deal Attorney who understands the whole deal landscape, its dynamics, the business/legal interface and the frequent fickleness of Family Owned Company Sellers and their emotions and has represented, in deal after deal, all sorts of buyers and sellers. Having spent years negotiating business points directly with sellers or buyers with a follow-on document and negotiations which increase the speed and odds of closing, my services my just be of use to you.

What you, as CEO, Chairman, or Family Business or Other Business Owner do in the weeks, months, and three or so years before you ever interview or hire your investment banker or business broker to sell your company will have profound effects both on your process, and, most importantly, your results. A consultation or series of them may be the most important and effective coaching of your business career and with great effects on your financial security and your legacy.

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Time: our enemy, our friend.