Strategically Guiding Businesses in the Lower Middle Market to Buy, Grow, Merge, or Sell While Protecting Their Financial Security and Legacy of Family and Reputation

Hubbard Business Counsel Creates Working Strategies for Complex Business Deals From Start to Finish

As a trusted business advisor and legal counsel to lower middle-market business owners and CEOs, my focus is on each client’s success.  A thorough understanding of each of my client’s and their respective businesses and landscapes–as noted in the hypotheticals represented by the photograph scenes–is essential to providing sound advice.  My counsel is designed to lead my clients through minefields of business and legal challenges and opportunities towards their successes.

Client matters frequently center around the sale, purchase, and financing of a business or business deal. Joint ventures, partnership, LLC or corporate organizational challenges, capital raises, and key agreements across the spectrum of business opportunities and risks are, likewise, frequent needs.

It is always about achieving my client’s optimum result — under the circumstances and as effectively and as efficiently as I can.

While I represent clients and their businesses across a wide spectrum of business matters, the ones reference below are illustrative of those
involved in business sales and purchases.

Selling a Family or Other Business

Have you been approached by investment bankers, business brokers, or other intermediaries? Are you considering your financial security, family, and legacy and whether you should investigate options other than selling your business?

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Buying a Family Business

If you’re a buyer of a lower middle-market family or other business, my services may just be of much use to you.

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Pre-Deal Coaching

What’s the value to you of having a Deal Attorney who understands the whole deal landscape, its dynamics, the business/legal interface and the frequent fickleness of Family Owned Company Sellers and their emotions and has represented, in deal after deal, all sorts of buyers and sellers

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Deal Rescue

Is your deal stuck and going down the drain?

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Neutral Negotiation

Tired or scared of paying huge legal fees with the potential of no deal or agreement to show for your failed efforts and investment?

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Leveraging Business Growth—Customized Advisory Board Packages

The use of governance and advisory boards can add immense value, though even public and large private company boards are frequently ineffective. For family and other lower middle-market companies–which characteristically don’t employ effective Boards—such governance and advisory boards should be an essential if surviving and accelerating business growth is their goal. I’ve done the research.

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