Buying a Family or Other Lower Middle

Family owned small business woman and her father and brother

If you’re a buyer of a family business of any scale, you may ber a P.E. platform or add-on company, a strategic or financial buyer, a fundless sponsor, or, maybe, the comparatively rare independent leader or group having the motivation and ability to pull together the necessary people and funds (including working capital), to close, run and build a business.

What would be the value to you: Of having, instead of a perhaps narrow–bandwidth partner or senior associate at a large or medium sized firm used to subject– area silos, a Deal Attorney who understands the entirety of the deal landscape, its dynamics, the business/legal interface and the frequent fickleness of Family-Owned and other Company Sellers and their emotions? Of having an experienced business-focused deal counsel who has represented, in deal after deal, all sorts of buyers and sellers? Of having a deal counsel who has, over decades, time and again negotiated business points directly with sellers or buyers (many times without direct involvement of the intermediaries who subsequently received substantial fees) all geared to follow-on documents and negotiations designed to increase the speed and odds of a speedy, successful closing?

If any of these are important you you, my services should be of much use to you.

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