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Representative Services of Hubbard Business Counsel


Personalized Representation

Hubbard Business Counsel focuses on the client, the individual and company goals, and a thorough understanding of the business: its environment, its principals, and its financial situation–all keys to providing sound advice.

Once that kind of understanding is achieved, counsel and client together decide how best to approach and solve any problem.

Specific Client Opportunities or Problems May Involve:

    • The Sale or Purchase of a Business
    • Joint Venture and Partnership Opportunities
    • Private Securities Offerings Including Offerings to Accredited Investors and through Crowdfunding
    • Capital Structuring (or Re-Structuring) of the Business
    • Planning for then Negotiating Key Agreements
    • Business and Tax Planning
    • Compensation Structuring
    • Business and Family Succession Planning
    • Resolutions of Disputes Without-or to Get Out from, Litigation
    • Commercial Real Estate Matters

Hubbard Business Counsel will recommend the retention of other counsel when doing so serves the Client’s best interests.


Buying  a Business: See Business Buying Workshop

Selling a Business: See Business Selling Workshop

Strategizing Growth: See Actionable Business Strategies Workshop

Strategizing Contraction: See Actionable Contraction Strategies Workshop

Mitigating Business Problems: See CYA for Business Owners

Preventing Business Problems: See CYA for Business Owners

Crowdfunding and General Solicitation of Accredited Investors: See Crowdfunding


Hubbard Business Counsel provides needed business legal counsel to businesses and their owners. To view a portion of the Representative Services Hubbard Business Counsel has provided, please follow the applicable link in the left coloumn.