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Business Legal Counsel


Bill Hubbard helps Business Owners navigate a host of business challenges across the many areas of business and law. He’s guided women and men and businesses throughout his over 30 year career. Bill works together with entrepreneurs, owners and executives to solve their problems and to help them succeed.

He represents them—creatively—across the spectrum of business challenges (bringing in others to help when it serves his clients’ needs) to buy and sell companies, raise or borrow needed funding, put together all sorts of business deals and contracts, and deal with (almost) every sort of challenge an entrepreneurial business may face. He has now created a series of paired limited-group workshops for CEOs and their key executives.

Business Owner Workshops


Bill Hubbard has created a series of paired limited-group workshops focused on the needs of the successful CEO of small middle-market companies looking for clarity to answer the question, “What Next?” Paired to provide value based on content distilled from hundreds of businesses confronting thousands of business situations, they are designed to provide each of the limited number of attendees unbiased insights into currently useful and valuable information, skills, and techniques to decide and deal successfully with her or his, “What’s Next?

A pre-session qualification is used help ensure each workshop addresses specific challenges of each participant.

Bill will also, if needed, take time to speak with you about a seminar to see if it’s right for you, and if not, he’ll guide you to more fitting courses or materials.

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International Business


International Business Expansion, Buying and Selling Companies Outside the United States, and Foreign Companies buying a U.S. Business are each strategies to grow a business. And, ever-increasingly, international expansion becomes necessary for the small middle-market business. The challenges for each differ and are affected by competing considerations.

No one can be an expert in all areas yet expertise can be accessed through networks of colleagues believed reliable. If one of these areas seems to mesh with either your interest or expressed intent, then one of these workshops may prove of value.

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