Business Workshops for Business Owners

Business Workshops for Business Owners

Their Executives, and Their Advisors


Are These Workshops Right For You?


(EXCEPT FOR THE JUMPSTART/CROWDSOURCING WORKSHOP) These workshops are designed for middle-market (or close to it)  business owners and their key executives and trusted business advisers. These are neither for entrepreneurs just getting started with their businesses—nor for business owners seeking comfort.  Rather, I’ve specifically designed them for the motivated middle market business owner (and those renewing their motivation) and key executives and advisers.  The workshops reflect the business and legal landscape of today—and likely business landscape of the next 10 years as I see it.

Your workshops are designed to integrate the unique and varied challenges facing you as an entrepreneur  (and challenging your key executives and advisers): the  surviving and thriving of your business.   While each workshop is built on fundamentals and 30 years of real-time experience, your business needs, challenges, and opportunities will be the focus of each hands-on interactive Workshop.  You’ll be asked to make (tentative—and preliminary) business decisions for you and your company.  Each workshop is limited to no more than 8-12.

You’ll be forced to confront (to yourself unless you then feel comfortable sharing) and be guided through steps to realistically analyze your current business, financial, and legal situation. You’ll be taken through a process to help you really assess your (or help the business owners to assess their) goals and motives and the potential alternative futures of your time and business (including succession planning—if applicable to the workshop).


You’ll leave with a preliminary, tentative—and prioritized—bullet point listing of action steps and responsible persons and timelines.  (No, I am not assuming any risk for any decisions you make or actions you then take. YOU will need to think through and secure any professional and other advice prior to making or prioritizing any decision in advance of any action or inaction.  While I will be using my best efforts to use my knowledge, intelligence, skills, and experience—such as they each are, I will not be giving business or legal or investment or other advice that you can rely on.  I will, with the same condition, providing you a list of persons in a wide variety of fields each of whom  I feel know their stuff—as well as others who conceivably you’d find useful, all of whom could reasonably be of interest to you.)

You will also leave with a flash drive containing information which I believe will be of interest and helpful to you.

Will You Need To Bring Anything?

Yes, you’ll be asked to bring your company financial and other key information for your own use and which you’ll need to refer to,  BUT all of it will remain solely confidential to you except to the extent you decide to share it; and NO, there will not be peer pressure making your verbal participation or lack of it at all awkward or uncomfortable.

If you are still unsure if the Middle Market Workshops are for you, schedule a brief call, or communicate via email with Bill Hubbard. After the call or email you will be able to choose whether to invest your time and money in any Small Group Interactive Middle Market Business Owner Workshops. And, in the event that you aren't ready for these Workshops, Bill will send you a listing of resources (including classes) that he feels might be a better fit for you.


Workshops will be scheduled in July 2012. We are finalizing our calendar for the remainder of the year. Please contact us if you'd like to be alerted when the schedule becomes available.


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