Representation of Each Client

Your Business


There is no magic bullet; there is rarely one “right” course of action. There can be a series of problems, a series of answers. Yet each business owner must devise and implement plans of action.  To whom do you turn? Spouse or other family member? Auditor, consultant, financial adviser or banker? Employees and board members? Customers or suppliers or even  competitors? Each of these sources may well have helpful insights–but, even as you, as a businessperson, make your tentative judgments, who is it, really, that should help you to sort through and determine alternatives before any final major decisions?

Who should help you weigh the potential effects of action (or inaction) on your business? Who should help you guide your business through the minefields of business practice, law, finance,–and your own emotional response to these problems? How confident are you that the advisers to whom you turn have the depth of knowledge, experience, judgment, creativity and commitment to you and your business to provide you with the kind of insights that you want and need. And what about those times when, having come to a decision on your own or with others, you want a second opinion? Once the potential complexities of any business situation have been sorted through, there may be a better way–with counsel from a trusted adviser who can help you sort through the complexities—in confidence and with confidence. Ultimately, it is about developing and weighing, each against each other, options each of which entails all sorts of risks and costs and potential benefits which may change over time based upon the varying assumptions used.

From your view: it is about who really can provide you and your business the most value for your time and your money spent in determining your viable options and sorting through  your alternatives?

From our view: It is about creativity and analysis and action to achieve Client goals. Sound Counsel. Taking Action. That is what we do.

Your Counsel


Being each Client’s Business Legal Counsel is about winning. The Client winning. Yet it is not just about winning. It is also about listening—understanding the client and that client’s needs, wishes and interests. It is about listening to the answers to the right questions, questions arising from the facts, from the business situation. And it is about businesses’ mistakes—and helping the client to prevent them or get out of them.

It is about sifting through business facts and numbers and legal considerations, about understanding the client’s business and the financial implications of various decisions. It is about the crucial intersection of law, business, risk, and opportunity—and about the probable effects of time and change upon outcomes. It is about combining thorough analysis with instinct, about thinking through various courses of action and their likely effect upon shareholders and owners, and the business itself: its lenders, customers and suppliers, its employees. It is about the needs of the business—today’s needs and, given the rapidly changing business landscape,, about tomorrow’s needs as well. It is about costs: those that are quantifiable, such as the loss of a customer or supplier, or legal and accounting fees, or investment banking fees, or settlement fees. It is also about unquantifiable costs: opportunities, emotional responses, ethics and values.

It is about benefits: they can be of many kinds. Survival, retention of old customers, identifying new customers, better financing, start-up opportunities, acquisition or sale of a business, better morale, succession planning, growth. It is about action and inaction—and change. It is about uncertainty and about probabilities: it is about balancing these factors.

It is about history: about the events of today, and your alternative futures.  It is about knowledge, skill, reasoning, creativity, and experience. It is about saying no—and yes, and counselling ways to achieve goals. It is about learning and doing, about change, about judgment, planning and execution.

It is about duty and trust: delivering sound counsel in matters of consequence. Yes, counseling “how to,” then using one’s best efforts to achieve each client’s goals.

In short: It is about your time, your goals, and your money and your business survival and growth.

From our point of view: How best to serve Your Interests.